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Download Marseille 2016 FRENCH DVDRip XviD-UTT Sub Subtitle Srt

A tale of power, corruption and redemption set against the rich backdrop of the French port city of Marseille.

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For a French series, I think it’s a good beginning to a new era, it will open others ways to explore for the “french series industry” (yes by Netflix this time).

About the series it-self, it’s quiet good, the script, trivia, camera shoots are good. Sometimes the dialogues are “weird” and I think even more when you understand French. About the actors, Magimel is good in this role and Depardieu is quite eaten by his past, we know almost everything about his films and there is no surprise about his playing. But all together have a sort of charm in the Frenchie way.

Though I’m not french I’ve been living in France for almost 10 years and I speak french. I think I can understand why french people is hating this series. I presume they’re looking into details that non- french speakers won’t take notice: accents, way of acting, rhythm, dialogues, etc. The french viewers and filmmakers are used to other kind of stories and language (in addition, french people love to take down their own work! You won’t never hear them saying “this is good”, they will say “it’s not bad/c’est pas mal”)

The series is worth the watch. There’s an evolution in the characters that might have been done better, but acting and script it’s not as bad as critics have said. Not the best series I’ll see this year, but I’ve loved it as it radically changed from most of the other options you have on Netflix: American or British productions.

Great show. Triste pour la France. If the writers/producers or the people in charge of the translation are reading, please contact me. I would very much enjoy giving your translators French lessons. This show is urban. This show is social. It is also very political. Proper translation is in order to convey the message and honor the writers. Too often do we see TV shows suffer from poor conduit. It has nothing to do with opinions on any of the subjects displayed in the show itself. Simply to honor both languages. The cultural effect might suffer. the slangs, idioms, and social language is quite simple to fix. Language carry the weight of social and cultural change.


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