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Finding Dory 2016 Srt Sub Subtitle Download

one of them. Whilst Dory was a beloved character in the film, I believe it was a stretch having her become the star of her own film in Finding Dory.

The other problem with creating spin-off films (or sequels and remakes for that matter), is that you find yourself consistently comparing them to the original. This can be detrimental if the original was close to perfection. I found that the things I loved about Finding Nemo were missing from Finding Dory. One of the great things about the first movie was that the adventure was never-ending. We started with the loss of Nemo and we followed his father Marlon and his sidekick Dory on a quest to find him. Along the way, we met various characters and encountered differing scenarios that kept us on our toes. The gnarly surfer dude sea turtles, the immense field of jellyfish, the creepy creature that lured the two protagonists with a distracting shiny light dangling from the tip of his head and the group of wannabe vegetarian sharks (lead by the intimidating but friendly Bruce). Not to mention what Nemo was going through and the friends and foes he was encountering at a dental surgery in Sydney.

Finding Dory didn’t really have any of that. Whilst Dory did meet a few quirky friends along the way, I felt like the flow of the film was missing. Either the interactions were brief (like when she met a couple of fish who were trying to help Dory but couldn’t figure her out because of her condition), or they were long and laboured (like when she met Hank the octopus and subsequently Bailey and Destiny at the Marine Life Institute). For me, it seemed like Dory was quick to move from point A to point B (from Australia to the United States) but then lingered on point B for a very long time.

Visually, as was expected, the film was faultless and despite all of the above, there were still some delightful moments that made you laugh and made you cry. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to keep me interested and instead of wanting Dory to find herself, I found myself looking at my watch and waiting for the end credits to begin rolling.

Movies today are very commercial, we all know this. I’ve been going to animated type films with my granddaughter for many years and God bless, she always says she loves them all.

And so she did with Finding Dory but I was disgusted the entire movie.

First, we did see it in 3D, something I seldom do because I don’t see the benefit of the extra money. But in the case of THIS movie, it is the one good thing I could say about it. This movie, under the sea, the marine life, the beautiful color, was gorgeous in 3D.

Now let’s discuss the very, very stupid plot of this movie.

We begin by asserting that we do understand that giving animals human like traits is very common and I don’t have a problem with this. It’s part of the joy of watching, adds to the understanding, gives a depth to the plot.

But come on people, a fish with a short term memory problem? That’s a rare thing even in humans for goodness sake, much less a fish with a brain smaller than a pea.

It’s just too much to buy into is my complaint, that a fish manages to go through life forgetting everything is just learned because of this brain anomaly.

And the plot is very far-fetched, with fish hijacking trucks and flying with birds and translating fish water echoes into visual sights.

Seems Dory, the star of the movie and one of the fish who saved Elmo, an animate film from many years ago that was much more believable, lost her parents and the story is about Dory’s determination to find them.

And Dory, come on, she’s the only fish in the movie with buck teeth and why is this? Because Ellen DeGeneres, the voice of Dory, has teeth exactly like the cartoon fish and this was just so obvious. I like Ellen DeGeneres and consider she was a perfect voice for Dory, but DeGeneres has never met a promotional opportunity that she’d let pass by. Including having a fish with her voice look like her.

The story has a bunch of fish helping Dory find her parents and we’ve got seashell trails and forgetful Dory and a silly plot that looked as if a bunch of people threw a bunch of idea confetti on the table and an absurd story was somehow concocted.

Of course we have Dory stuff at McDonald’s and Pixar, AKA Disney, will make money on this fluff thrown together with little care save for the merchandise and revenue.

Come on producers and directors out there! You got to have a little pride when crafting an animated movie. The color and 3D of “Finding Dory” ain’t going to cut it.

This movie is best for someone five years old or less, someone who won’t laugh at the silly concept of a forgetful fish.

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