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Dishoom (2016) Hindi Movie Srt Sub Subtitle Online Download

When India’s top batsman Viraj goes missing in Middle East, two cops Kabir Shergill and Junaid Ansari from either side of Arabian Sea team for a 36-hours man hunt before the final match between India and Pakistan. Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 1.33.50 am
Director Mr. Rohit Dhavan has visualized the film with style and grandeur. He successfully projects it too but due to weak story line and loose screenplay films lacks to cater the thrill and humor. Dialogues by Husain Dalal are good. Film starts on a thrilling note but as story unfolds that thrill becomes lame. Humor is stuffed in thrilling scenes to evoke laughter but it falls flat crashing the thrill too. The way they have conceived the scene and its logic is very clear in starting few minutes when at a high point, a cricketer fixes his dislocated shoulder by banging it on wall and this thing has been used in pre climax in further lame way. Gags don’t go well with the film, like the person calling to Junaid’s phone regarding matrimonial issue, it was just for the sake of end credit song. If this conversation would have been crisp then it must have worked in good way. A cricketer gets kidnapped, India sends an intelligence officer who lacks most of intelligence. He always flashes gun like a goon and doesn’t believe in rules. A very intelligent kidnapper, who first traps the victim in good way that he is going to disobey his instructions but doesn’t notice camera fitted red collar of his lost and returned dog!! Time limit of operation is revealed 36 hours but it looks that time has stopped for them. Film travels India to abroad and then another country by road with some time machine. Climax is treated so hurriedly and stupidity like they show India transfers 500Cr in just five minutes without taking any permission or any official meeting. When you lack in content then you must have come with blasts, grand action sequences and spectacular locations, which this film has in abundance. Most entertaining performance is Akshay Kumar guest appearance. He is just hilarious. His scenes were just OK but his performance made it very entertaining. Varun Dhavan as Juniad is very good, especially in comedy. John Abraham as Kabir is OK. Akshay Khanna as Waga is very good. Jacqueline Fernandez role was forceful as her expressions. A song “Sau Tareh Ke Rog Le Le’ is good peppy song. Credit goes to music director Pritam and lyricist Kumaar and Ashish Pandit.

The Buddy-Cop genre hasn’t been a regular in Hindi movies, but with ‘Dishoom’, it somewhat makes a comeback. Though the film isn’t as fun as it should’ve been, its fast-pace & grand visuals make for up for it. Well, almost.

‘Dishoom’ Synopsis: When India’s top batsman Viraj Sharma (Saqib Saleem) goes missing in Middle East, two cops Kabir Shergill (John Abraham) and Junaid Ansari (Varun Dhawan) from either side of Arabian Sea must team up for a 36-hours man-hunt before the final match between India and Pakistan.

‘Dishoom’ is fast-paced & always on the point. And that’s its biggest strength. Its minus, however, is that there is no soul here. No, I wasn’t expecting a soulful experience, but ‘Dishoom’ is just chew your popcorn entertainment. The first-hour runs on a rocket-speed & the camaraderie between its two leading-men, is fun to watch. Its the second-hour, where the pace drops. The journey to find the celebrated batsman is dragged for long & even the crispness wears you off. In short, ‘Dishoom’ has a winning first-hour, but a disappointing second.

Hussain Dalal’s Screenplay tackles the buddy-cop genre & runs on a fast-speed, but is not up-to the mark post-interval. The Writing needed to be crisper. Rohit Dhawan’s Direction is decent. Ayananka Bose’s Cinematography is marvelous. ‘Dishoom’ is a visual delight & the ace cinematographer, nails every frame. Editing is sharp. Art & Costume Design are excellent. Action-Sequences are ably executed. Background Score is super. Songs are good.

Performance-Wise: John & Varun work well together. John dominates on his huge personality, while Varun oozes energy. But its Akshaye Khanna who steals the show. As the menacing bookie, Khanna stages a comeback & chews on the scenery. Jacqueline Fernandez looks stunning & delivers fairly. Saqib Saleem is decent. Rahul Dev is first-rate. In Cameos, Akshay Kumar is a riot & brings the house down. Vijay Raaz excels.

Varun Dhawan will keep you to the edge of your seat with his comedic performance as a cop. The action sequences were executed perfectly just like the helicopter scene. If you’re a fan of pure 1990 masala entertainment, then this is definitely a film for you which has a mixture of action and comedy. Pritam has successfully delivered good energetic music and would want to make you stay for more during the film just like Sau Tarah Ke. It makes sense that since this is Rohit Dhawan’s second film and they put a song from Desi Boyz called Subha Hona Na De in a remix version. Akshay Kumar in his cameo appearance role made it bearable as well as Nargis Fakhri and Parineeti Chopra. Akshaye Khanna’s comeback was outstanding. You would want to stick for more because of him the way he plays the role as the kidnapper of Viraj Sharma, played by Saqib Saleem who also played his role really well. Despite its pros, lets get to the cons. After Welcome Back, I lost hope in John Abraham although Rocky Handsome was bearable. This time his role was below average. He was too dark and very quiet at times during the film. Jacqueline Fernandez was average during 1st half but during 2nd half, it lacked some sugar that I was expecting. The direction of the film is something that was a letdown. Ayananka Bose did a good job with the camera-work but the angles felt like I missed something in the movie. The editing was too sloppy and I felt that the editor added to too much that wasn’t needed. Overall, the movie is decent in parts but does have its flaws.

Nothing much to offer but it still never bores you. Redemption of no-plot is done by decent direction and an average performance by all the actors.

Storyline Rating: 2 Content: 1 Commercialization: 4 Entertainment: 3

Acting Rating: 3 Varun Dhawan: 3 John Abraham: 3 Saqib Saleem: 3 Jacqueline Fernandes: 3

Direction Rating: 3

Music Rating: 2

Cinematography: 3

Editing: 2

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