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Download Madaari (2016) Srt Sub Subtitle Online Hindi

A man named Nirmal loses his family in a man-made disaster, he starts the journey of seeking answers asking for accountability which urges him to take revenge.Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 1.45.42 amAnother meaningful movie of this year. Yet another time Irfan khan has proved his acting prowess. This is a story of a common man who stands against the corrupt system to search answers; answers which are harsh and even if we know them nothing will change. But knowing them are very much necessary for us. The story telling of the movie is good and I would say that would go to the brand of Nishikant Kamat. But what I personally liked the most about this movie is that it has pointed out the fact that what might happen in real-life and what we pay to see in reel-life if any commoner takes such a bold step. This movie emphasizes the fact that GOVERNMENT IS NOT CORRUPT, BUT THE GOVERNMENT IS FORMED TO DO CORRUPTION. People may change,leaders may change political colors may change but corruption survives and we the common people let it survive by paying with our lives in the end.
It’s a gem of a movie, largely carried on by Irrfan Khan and an expressive chunk of kid (Vishesh Bansal) & grit of Jimmy Shergill (he is wasted though). The depiction of Father-Son relation is directed beautifully …u can actually fall for them 

In here Irrfan doesn’t try to be the one man army fighting against the system unlike almost all vigilante justice movie, instead he lets the situation, grief and purpose drive the movie with his exceptional acting (among the best v have seen) especially the post- accident hospital sequence is gut wrenching. The dialogues carry punch and tears apart our psyche.

Nishikant Kamath’s best direction after Mumbai Meri Jaan, though the movie falls short at some instances but they are well overlapped by Irrfan Khan’s brilliance 

If you loved A Wednesday u will admire Madaari

P.S: it is a shame that such movie will hardly gather 10% of what BRAINLESS movies earn this days… no doubt we are living in denial !!!
Directed by Nishikant Kamat, Madaari is a must-watch socio-thriller film of 2016. The story begins with a breaking news of the kidnapping of Home Minister’s son. No Indian thriller completes without having a cop as important character in the story. There comes a clean CBI officer Nachiket Verma (played by Jimmy Shergill) in the picture, who is given responsibility for ensuring the safety of minister’s son throughout the case and hunting down the kidnapper Nirmal (played by Irrfan Khan). As the story proceeds, CBI’s role loses dominance in the story as the kidnapper himself takes care of minister’s son and solves the entire case to get caught (or let’s say…surrender). Sounds stupid, isn’t it? Well, that’s just about one side of the coin. The other side is about kidnapper Nirmal, a common man, who has lost his son in a bridge collapse caused by negligence and high-level corruption by authorities. Nirmal’s intentions and demands out of the kidnapping remain secret until he reveals his painful story to minister’s son who later sympathizes with Nirmal. Madaari is a priceless depiction of love, separation, revenge, and most importantly, India’s hypocrite politics. The movie lacks action, and the first half feels somewhat dull. However, Nishikant Kamat’s superb direction and Irrfan Khan’s phenomenal acting has proved it (once again) that this masterpiece couldn’t be any better.This is such a powerful film, and not just a film, but a powerful statement. The plot of the film deals with a man who has lost the only thing in life that is dear to him.

As a single parent, Nirmal Kumar(Irrfan Khan) life is fulfilled by caring for this little boy. All the spare time he has he spends with his son, playing with him and teaching him. On one occasion his son remarked about the whereabouts of his mother and he said that she left him for a career in the United States.

However Nirmal’s life is shattered by an unforeseen calamity. I will not reveal more – you will have to see this brilliant film directed by an extraordinary director: Nishikant Kamat. I have already seen his previous films: Force(2011), Drishyam(2015) and Rocky Handsome(2016). I have also seen him act in the film 404(2011).

I have mentioned again and again how impressed I am with Irrfan Khan’s steady rise in Bollywood. He is becoming the undisputed people’s champion with films like these. I enjoyed his performance in Billu Barber(2009) and again in The Lunchbox(2013). In this film he is at the pinnacle of his acting prowess. He has managed to make tears fall from my eyes at many points in this film.

This is a powerful psychological drama and very relevant in today’s world. The effect new digital technology is making in spreading information quickly around the world is shown in this film. Smartphones are by the billion in India, and then we have the newer iPads. So technology wise, a lot has changed in India. The age-old problem of government corruption in India is re-emphasized. Before I forget, I would like to mention the superb music in the film by the veteran music director Pritam. He has directed music in such hits like Dhoom(2004), Gangster(2006), Jab We Met(2007), Race(2008) and Bajrangi Bhaijaan(2015).

More film recommendations: Aakhree Raasta(1986), Hatya(1988), Dayavan (1988), Prahaar: The Final Attack(1991), Indian(1996), Yeshwant(1997).

Very special mention Kireedam(1989). This blockbuster film was remade in Hindi as Gardish(1993) directed by Priyadarshan. Kireedam has a sequel film Chenkol(1993) which was never dubbed or remade in Hindi.
Madaari, a Social-Thriller film by Nishikant Kamath, is one more attempt by a filmmaker to take head-on with the corrupt systems existing in our country. It is very much inevitable to draw parrallels with Neeraj Pandey’s 2008 film ‘A Wednesday’. A Wednesday was an engaging thriller with an unimaginable and unpredictable dramatic twist, which was set on the premise of terrorism. The underlying concept of Madaari is also the same, i.e. when a common man decides to raise his voice against the powerful, it does make a difference. I would admit that Madaari might lack the action-packed thrilling sequences as that of Wednesday, but Madaari has its own strengths and it also very successfully conveys the message. Although as a viewer, I did feel disillusioned. Not because the film is not good, but because, the subject of the film is so relevant. We are aware of these shortcomings of our society, system, government, hardly doing anything to change the system, still unable to bring any changes. But at least an effort to convey a pertinent point through such films generate hopes of changes in the outlook towards world and also making world a better place to live.

Madaari begins with Irrfan’s voice-over, which in fact is the essence of the whole film.

Soon after the voice-over, we see the back profile of Irrfan Khan with a child at a railway station. Simultaneously various news flashes in regard to the various contemporary incidents happening in various corners of the country, right from the collapse of a bridge to increase in the vegetable prices to farmers’ suicides, inflation, unemployment, water crisis etc. The frames move to the breaking news of kidnapping of Home Minister Prashant Goswami’s (Tushar Dalvi) son Rohan Goswami (Vishesh Bansal). Then we get to see bearded Irrfan Khan in a moving train. Frames move to the flashback of how Irrfan manages to kidnap Rohan from a school hostel in Dehradoon. In Delhi, Rohan’s parents Prashant and Jaya are worried due to Rohan’s kidnapping. Prashant and the Chief Minister Nimbadkar deputes Nachiket Varma (Jimi Shergill), a cop, to find out the what, why and how of Rohan’s kidnapping and also to rescue him. The biggest challenge before Nachiket is that the face / whereabouts of the kidnapper are unknown. Meanwhile Irrfan continues his journey along with Rohan in different hideouts with different makeovers. Slowly a bond develops between Rohan and Irrfan. Irrfan’s story slowly unveils through various scenes. The film does evoke strong emotions. Irrfan, who is a distraught father, describes himself as an ideal voter, who is just busy bringing up his son as a single parent. His whole world is his 7-year old son Apoorva. What happens to him, when his whole world itself crashes and he loses the very meaning of life ?

How the story develops further? How Irrfan handles the high profile kidnapping? How does Nachiket gather various clues, and interconnects various leads ? Is Nachiket able to crack the kidnapping case and rescue Rohan? How does Irrfan save himself from the world’s eyes? How and when does his identity from a Anam Kumar (a person who does not have any name) to Nirmal Kumar is revealed ? What was Nirmal’s motive behind Rohan’s kidnap ? How the movie ends? Who wins in this hide and seek game?

I could not stop myself from comparing this film with A Wednesday. Certain commonalities between both the films: The very underlying concept of the common man rising against the system. The technical set up preparations done by Irrfan Khan gives the same feel as that of Naseeruddin Shah’s set up in Wednesday. Jimmy as an actor is another common factor in both the films.

Music is also good and lyrics are thought-provoking. The song Masoom Sa is very nice.

Certain dialogues are very much thought provoking. Pros and cons of social media are also shown, how people’s perception changes in minutes under the influence of social media. The dialogues in regard to the rivalry of ruling party – opposition party fights being just political gimmicks, and either parties having win-win scenario whether they have the chair with them or not.

My only concern with the screenplay is that it is a very much predictable film and could it have ended in a different manner?

Madaari is a thought-provoking film, and it does evoke strong emotions. Irrfan is brilliant as a distraught father who dares to fight the system. On one side, the film hits the bull-eye by exposing the powerful, on the other hand, it also conveys an underlying fact that we are responsible for the mess we are in. Madaari prompts us to enhance our power of discretion and be change agents.

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