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The Flash S03E01 Subtitle Srt Sub Download

Barry Allen screwed everything up. That’s the big takeaway from the Season 3 premiere of The Flash.

Of course, we knew he would. At the end of last season’s finale, Barry decides to go back in time and save his mom—something he couldn’t bring himself to do at the end of Season 1.

By doing this, Barry changes the world in huge and sometimes devastating ways. He trades the life of his mother—and who can blame him?—for the very world. And during the bulk of tonight’s episode, “Flashpoint,” we get to see just how these changes impact both Barry and those around him.

Flashpoint Abridged

In Barry’s altered reality, he isn’t friends with Cisco Ramon or Iris West or Caitlin Snow.

In this world, Joe West is a cop, but he’s also a drunk and a deadbeat. Iris is, well, Iris and hits it off immediately with Barry. And there are speedsters. Wally West is the Flash, though Barry calls him “Kid Flash.”

Cisco Ramon owns Star Labs, and is the richest man in America, and kind of a prick.

This is all fun world-building, though perhaps a little too reminiscent of Earth 2 last season.

Interestingly, Barry is still in possession of his memories of the world he came from. He’s also in possession of the Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne, who he’s kept prisoner. Instead of seeing Barry as he would have grown up in an altered timeline, we see him after having time traveled back to the present.

But as he uses his powers, he begins to lose his memories as well. And this, apparently, just won’t do. So Barry turns back the clock once again—only barely hanging on to his old life at this point, let alone his Speedster powers—and let’s the Reverse Flash kill his mother and set things back to “right.”

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