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The.Five.People.You.Meet.in.Heaven.DVD.DD5.1.H264 Srt Sub Subtitle Download

I watched this movie and thought it was such a wonderful story. It really goes through all the parts of his life and who he touched (whether he knew it or not). I would love to think that we will all have that kind of resolution when our time on Earth is done. This movie will definitely make you cry! I lost my mother when I was younger and this movie made me understand what my father went through at this time. It also gave me an idea of what it was like to fight in a war and have to live with what happened there for the rest of your life. I would absolutely recommend this movie to everyone. For all of us that think death is such an awful thing and are sad to think of those we would leave behind, it was a great way to look at what could happen after our life is over. It also gives hope that those we have lost are still watching over us.
It’s a great movie that really kept me glued to the show until the very end. It’s really interesting and makes me think about who the 5 people i would meet in heaven in the future. It also makes me realize that whatever we do, it will affect someone, somewhere. This movie makes you want to reflect on whatever you have done in the past and makes you want to improve on whatever you can do now and in the future so that it would make the world a better place for you and your love ones.I would recommend this movie for those who feel really lost in life or is now too caught up in their busy lives to seat down and watch it and you’ll find that it’s inspirational and life changing.

The.Five.People.You.Meet.in.Heaven.DVD.DD5.1.H264 Subtitle Srt Sub Download

Many people have always thought that they don’t do anything significant to change the lives of other people. That’s absolutely true, in our point of view but there is something that we may not expect during our entire lifetime; some uncertainties can actually lead to the fact that we DO make a difference, that’s if you meet the people you may or may not recognize in heaven. This is the main theme of this truly powerful miniseries based on the book by Mitch Albom.

Even if you haven’t read the book, you will be instantly enchanted by the show’s believable characters, a story with unexpected twists, lavish settings and even some of the most emotional scenes to be shown on TV (that’s really next to the equally powerful montage scenes from Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune). Those who have watched Tim Burton’s adaptation of Big Fish will also find some similarities in this show too, in terms of its whimsical, fairy tale-like narration.

Bravo to all the actors who work on Five People for bringing much joy, sadness, anger, melancholy and most importantly, everlasting love to grace the screens and should deserve much credit for such occasion. The settings differ from one scene to another as we travel through poor Eddie’s spiritual journey in his entire lifetime while cleverly edited to convey each section’s (in this case, five) theme and purpose despite the fact that all of them take place in completely different eras and realms. The music, too, is amazingly serene and moving, contributing much to the flow of the story as well. Perhaps, the most rewarding part of Five People is the revelations that we all feel in which Eddie finally attempts to redeem himself from the terrible things he has done and free himself from the limitation of being human. And all that can be done with only some simple but ultimately very ‘human’ deed without the need for fancy special effects or clumsy, cheesy pitfalls (one of the finest examples is the river scene in which Eddie washes the scars of the fifth person, the same person he burned with a flamethrower during WWII. All it requires is a tiny rock but that scene alone already captures the hearts of the audience, including mine!).

I highly recommend this not only to fans of Tim Burton or Terry Gilliam but also all the people who enjoy a really good story about an unlikely person who proves to be more special like all of us on this good old Earth.
This is pure Mitch Albom. Eddie (Jon Voight) learns his lessons in heaven but these lessons are lessons to enrich the lives of the living. They are powerful yet simple lessons that are easily overlooked by all of us if we allow ourselves to become engrossed with our everyday problems. Each one of our lives touches many other lives without us being aware of the impact we may have on one another.

The acting was superb and the characters held my attention. A triumph of the heart and the human spirit. Very uplifting and entertaining. It is one of the best productions I have ever viewed. JonVoight gives a magnificent performance as a simple honest man.

Mitch Albom is pleased with it and he well should be. A rating of ten for sure.
what happens when you die is the eternal question that people ask them selves and others till the day they die. this movie deals with this topic .It does so in a very unique way that is very refreshing and not all positive . It makes you think and also lets you relax and enjoy. Its a reflection that makes you look to inside your self and compare this characters time line to your own. I liked this movie. It is a 3 hour long movie which is surprising seeing that after watching the godfather it seems like it will never end. This movie doesn’t seem extra long and is just perfect. It goes to show you that when something is interesting and good it doesn’t matter how long it is. I think this movie will warm the hearts of every one that watches it and is good for all age groups and family viewing even though it deals with serious life and death issues. Jon voight is a master at his craft and once again showed me how good acting is more like good people than it is about fake people. a must see film.

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