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Janatha Garage Download Subtitle Subscene Srt Sub 2016 Online English, Hindi, Arabic, Telugu

A student who loves the nature unites with the Mechanic who loves to help the people. Both of them should face the Most deadly business man to save his people of Garage.
Director: Koratala Siva (as Koratalla Siva)
Writer: Koratala Siva (as Koratalla Siva)
Stars: Junior N.T.R., Mohanlal, Samantha Ruth Prabhu |

There are lots of up and down in the movie that makes viewers a bit frustrated. In some of the places movie goes a bit slow but overall its a blend of emotions, action and drama.

In terms of acting, all cast has done very well and direction is also decent.

I recommend to watch this at least once even if you are not a fan of NTR.

Positive points 1. Acting 2. Direction 3. Screenplay 4. Actions 5. Story

Negative 1. Movie could have more action sequence 2. Slow in runtime (somewhere)


Janatha Garage Movie Review Rating –

Movie Janatha Garage
Directed by Koratala Siva
Produced by C.V.Mohan,Y.Ravi shankar,

Naveen Yerneni.

Production house Mythri movie makers
Written by Koratala Siva
Star cast JR.NTR, Mohanlal, Nithya Menen, Samantha ruth prabhu, unni mukundan
Music Devi sri prasad
Edited by Kotagiri Venkateswara rao
Cinematography Tirru
Release date September 1, 2016

Janatha Garage Movie Review, Rating, Story, Live Updates, Public Talk | Jr. NTR, Koratala Siva, DSP

Janatha Garage Movie Review, Rating, Story, Live Updates, Public Talk | Jr. NTR, Koratala Siva, DSP
Janatha Garage Movie Review, Rating, Story, Live Updates, Public Talk | Jr. NTR, Koratala Siva, DSP

We all know that this is the third movie for this super talented director Koratala Siva garu and working second time with Ntr jr. and Samantha Ruth Prabhu ( 1st time as writer for Brindavanam ) came with a new and special script of environment loving character as lead role and the human loving character Mohanlal garu in the movie coming out as an super hit of the year 2016 , gained all the positive vibes even before the release.

Janatha Garage Movie Story :

The plot of this telugu / malayalam bi-lingual flick starts with the Anand ( NTR Jr.) is a environment student who is a responsible guy for caring nature with his own people around in the Mumbai protecting the environment and taking a good initiative of planting as many trees as possible and opposing the deforestation in his own city which can be clearly seen in the theatrical trailer of this movie.

janatha garage movie story
janatha garage movie story

Apart from all the guesses and expectations the real script and main story of this movie is unknown to any of us till the movie worldwide release on September 1st 2016 and the story has many lead characters of Malayalam Superstar Mohaanlal garu, Samantha, Nitya menen, Unni Mukundan ( Malayalam Actor ), Saikumar garu, Devayani, Rahman, Sithara, Ajay, and Kajal Aggarwal (Special appearance in the song “Pakka Local”). The camera work is simply amazing that anyone can enjoy the movie visuals that can bring magic with his light cinematography by Thirru sir, and the mesmerizing music by our own rock star Devi Sri Prasad and the super editing of Kotagiri Venkateshwara rao garu would be definitely a feast to all the fans and movie buffs. Just very few minutes left to watch out this movie cant wait this excitement to watch out the Janatha garage Movie on Silver Screen.

Note : Out of four big action sequences in this movie, one of the action sequence is choreographed as Environment friendly – Jeevi

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Janatha Garage Live Updates

Umair Sandhu @sandhumerry

Exclusive Review #JanathaGarage. A Mindblowing film with Unique Concept & First Rate Performances. With #JanathaGarage, #JrNTR stuns you with his Performance. This is probably NTR’s best performance till date as the young tiger has unleashed a new side of his caliber. Right from the first frame, NTR nails it with his looks & Massy act. He is exceptionally good and carries his emotions with right balance. NTR needs to be appreciated for coming out of his comfort zone & accepting a film like this. Award Winning Performance by him. #MohanLal also gave TOP Notch Performance. He is Back with Super Bang.#SamanthaRuthPrabhu & #NithyaMenen Steals the Show all the Way. They Performed their roles very well. #UnniMukundan is First Rate in the movie. He Nailed it. #KajalAggarwal looks HOT in a Special Song. Music by #DSP is simply ROCKING. Background Score is TOP CLASS. Outstanding Story & Screenplay, Cinematography is eye catching, Classy Production Designing, Editing is Crispy & Sharp, Bone Breaking Action Stunts, Climax is the USP of the film. Direction by #KoratalaSiva is Terrific. Full on Racy film & no dull moment throughout the flick. Overall ” A Paisa Vasool Film all the Way “. Sure Shot BLOCKBUSTER. Mark My Words ! It will be Biggest Hit of NTR ever. ☆☆☆☆ 4*/5*. ( Share it Now )

Download Subtitles For Janatha Garage Subscene Srt Sub

I leave the debate whether movie is good, great or bad movie. But its going to be hat-trick to Jr NTR, My first impression came right from title card which has Mohanlal name first and then Jr NTR name. Very impressed with that. Scene immediately after the interval with Rajeev kanakala Mohanlal and Jr NTR and then break up scene with Samantha Ruth Prabhu, both scenes proves NTR again. Ignoring the fight sequences, happy for NTR playing a role again. Mohanlal Jr NTR Nithya Menen eye feast to see them acting but missed a combined scene to all three. Special mention to Cameraman. Mesmerized once again after 24 movie. Looking for faults??? plenty. But Siva Koratala has some how mastered to cover up things. Now read my first line again.
Unlike other movies, JG is not Hero Centric film. In this movie “Janatha Garage” itself plays a main role where justice is served to the people in need. Mohanlal essayed the role of a people’s man in good way while Jr NTR again shown new variation as a Nature Lover & environmental sciences student, NTR excelled his role very neatly with fresh Screen Presence, the Simple Attire of NTR like a normal guy to next door, new voice modulation all worked out well for Anand (JNTR) Character.

Mohanlal & Jr NTR excelled once again where their performance is concerned. Samantha, Nithya Menon got limited roles but got some scope to act, Rajiv Kanakala got very Gud character while other artists like Suresh, Devyani, Unni Mukundan, Saikumar..all had done their job gud. The camera work done by Thiru is top-notch and Art work done by AS Prakash were very huge. Music by Devi Sri Prasad is Nice but not upto Janatha Garage mark as it has huge canvas he didn’t matched that level but BGM in some scenes is very Good, all songs are situational based and lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastry are Superb for Rockon Bro, Pranamam songs. Story – screenplay – direction by Koratala Siva, he got very nice subject and he almost succeeded in making it. Editing is Not Great, some unnecessary lengthy scenes can be edited but they kept full scene as it is, but Editing those scenes would have make the movie more crispier. Coming to Dance, we all know that NTR is one of the Best Dancers in India. Pakkalocal b/w Kajal, NTR came out very well where it gave good boosting for mass audience.

Jr NTR is to be appreciated as his greatness lies in letting Mohanlal also dominate the film. No other Telugu star hero would have allowed such a dominant and powerful role of Mohanlal to co-exist in a story. This film is a must watch with family where it got all ingredients like Family Drama, Emotions, Comedy, Action, Social Awareness.

Here is the go word. The movie opens with the plot right away and we are sure that director is not trying to give focus on the regular commercial stuff. This movie starts down right serious. after some time, we feel it is extending and we need some rest now. There comes the classy touch away from the plot, giving NTR a character that tries to convey messages, for saving the environment and at the same time, giving sample for how nature gets angry, by bashing goons left right and all corners demonstrating earthquake and tsunami. we feel that this is novel way of adding humor to the character. Things become repetitive and at times going haywire and after some time, we feel that let us get to the plot now. Then again glimpse of the plot comes, and we end up for a bang on interval, that promises a lot for the next half to come.

Once the second half, starts, we are surely enthralled for the start, and we get the proceedings hitting the roof after the GHMC episode followed by the title track. There you go, this is what we were waiting for since 90 minutes. After the song, a little bit of family drama infused to add more classy touch for the narrative. then we feel that it is going right and looks for a solid stupendous finish. But,, what happened? There comes the problem. the movie does not know how to go and where to end, and how to end. Trouble starts, commercialism added, unnecessary dragged down to the hell dramatic scenes and a regular kind of climax that never seemed new, all feels for it, but alas! a poor finish for a great potential plot in the hand. Not me, everyone would be of this feel, when they come out from the screening. Somewhere, it did not hit right. Blame the screenwriter, director, editing or the narrative which spoils the whole plot.

Technically the movie was visually stunning, every frame. Cinematography by Thiru was top notch, every frame was rich, glowing with lights. Even in darker scenes, lighting was ambient and had a sense of brilliance poured over. Music and BGM by DSP was rocking. nothing to complain. Art department was seen with their efforts, on screen. Brilliant. The less I talk about editing, the better. In one word, Poor. Other technical elements were good.

So finally the movie was drawn out badly from being a decent one, due to the lengthy run time, blame the editor, and the preachy narration towards the end and a regular Indian climax, we have seen many times. This all boils down the over all effect of the good, instances we glimpsed. So a movie that never tries to rise, despite all such powerhouse performances, terrific music, excellent visuals. In the end, Janatha Garage is a film that comes with promise, and ends with the same feel we had it might turn out to be. Just okay. Not good, not bad. So who gets the blame? Since,it has a strong cast, openings are going to create records, for sure, but in the end, this movie will still have just a weekend run. This what worries me.

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