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TVF Tripling Season 1 Srt Sub Subtitle Download

It’s going to be a mini-series is what I read somewhere. That makes sense because there’s only so much of episodes you can shoot on a road trip with just three characters, including their back stories.

Coming to the plot, it looks very good thus far. Although, all the characters are given specific problems to conveniently make them a dysfunctional family, which I find a little hard to believe. Just like it was in “Dil Dhadakne Do”. But apart from that, it’s really well-written and directed. The characters fit their roles to a T. Apart from Episode 3, where the promotion of Tiago was very explicit, I like how they have managed to promote the brand as part of the story and not the other way around. The background score requires special mention. It has been amazingly done. Kudos to the team.
it is a story of three siblings Chanchal, Chandan and Chitvan.
They are all F****d up in their lives and so they plan a road trip coz afterall, ‘family matters at the time of crisis”.


Chandan(being the eldest one):
3.A Great Mentor
4.Not that good with girls(Bahia’s gonna kill me after reading this..:P)

Chanchal(the middle child):
1.Jolly nature
2.Hard on the outside,soft on the inside
3.Narrow tolerance range
4.just a bit of patience(shit..m gone :P)

Chitvan(youngest sibling):
1.Mom and dad’s messenger(since always)
2.Can’t take shit from anyone
3.Happy go lucky guy(with no whereabouts about the future)
4.Can go to any heights to show his love and affection

The above mentioned qualities are the same as possessed by the 3 of us.(My brother(chandan),my sister(chanchal) and me(chitvan).
TVF Tripling is one of the best Indian web series. You feel connected to Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan and there are so many relatable sibling moments. Also, the storyline doesn’t feel boring or repetitive. The terrific performance from all the actors and the freshness of the concept is fun to watch. Sumeet Vyas and Maanvi Gagroo has charmed us in Permanent Roommates and Pitchers, respectively, as well.
Plus the music! I love their tracks. Ending the season with “I’m going home” track was fabulous.

Overall, TVF Tripling scores on all fronts- Story, Direction, Acting and Music. The end credits rolls alongside the childhood pictures of the crew with their siblings, it is sure to fill you with nostalgia and make you grab that old childhood album of yours!

TVF Tripling Season 1 Srt Sub Download

It was epic. I watched it all the episodes in one go. The principal cast of Maanvi Gagroo, Sumeet Vyas, and Amol Parashar was fabulous. Add to that quite a dramedic story. Great fun. A unique concept handled extremely well. Shot on a greater scale than either PR or Pitchers in terms of locations, it was a visual treat too. Add to that cast Kumud Mishra, Shernaz Patel and Kunaal Roy Kapur, and the series became even better. It was great to see mainstream actors in yet another TVF series after PR.
Tripling is a story of three siblings, loaded with the emotions that highlights this unique and enduring relationship. Tripling is about the trio that set off on an unforgettable, unplanned road trip to meet their parents. The mayhem that ensues makes Tripling a trip worth taking. Individually, their lives are just chugging along. But when Chandan Sharma, the eldest, played by popular actor Sumeet Vyas from Permanent Roommates’ fame, returns from the U.S after a broken marriage and losing his job, he reunites with Chanchal Sharma Painyuli, the middle sister, played by popular actress Maanvi Gagroo of TVF Pitchers fame, and Chitvan Sharma, the youngest played by popular actor Amol Parashar, a series of unexpected events lead to chaos – ride along with them as this journey is loaded with heaps of fun moments and you and your family will enjoy. And even though they get lost pretty often along the way, the big question remains — will they find themselves?
Last week I binge-watched Stranger Things, Netflix’s newest sensation, featuring a bizarre, morbid alternate dimension called The Upside Down. I won’t give out spoilers, but The Upside Down is basically a mirror image of our universe, except it is filled with the stench of death and decay. Terrible things happen in The Upside Down, things that make no sense but precisely because of their absurdity, manage to ram home the dysfunctional nature of human life.
That’s one way of portraying dysfunction—horrifying, repulsive, deathly. It’s the kind of portrayal that makes you want to recoil, pinch yourself, and count your blessings that it’s not your story.
It’s the Stephen King playbook, if you will.
Then there’s the other way of treating dysfunction — kind, soothing, life-affirming. It’s the kind of portrayal that holds you in a warm hug and makes you wish it were your story. Then you pinch yourself, and you realise that it, in fact, is. So you hug it back and you lovingly whisper, “There, there.”
That’s the Hrishikesh Mukherjee playbook.
TVF’s body of work — headlined by Pitchers and Permanent Roommates — is decidedly more Mr Mukherjee than Mr King. In those cult shows too dysfunction is a permanent theme. But whereas the fumbling, forever-in-crisis protagonists of those shows are friends, colleagues, or lovers, with Tripling, which premiered a few minutes back, TVF has turned its attention to that biggest, most epic monument of dysfunction — the family.
Like in Stranger Thing’s upside down dimension, the world of Tripling’s three main characters — siblings Chandan, Chanchal, and Chitvan — is in chaos. The show’s premise is their attempt to run away from it all by going on a road trip. Episode 1, which starts languorously before picking up pace, establishes the crises in these three lives.
There’s nothing outlandish about their stories. You have seen this before—if not in your own lives, surely you know people wrestling with messy divorces, meaningless careers, exhausting marriages. Where TVF scores, reliably, is in maintaining a calm, understated pitch, and resisting the impulse to manufacture high drama out of life’s routine tragedies.
With every show, TVF has taken its production values, camerawork, the lushness of its canvas to a new level. Tripling is a big step forward in that direction. But what’s likely to generate the most commentary around this show, like all TVF shows, is the quality of the writing. TVF fans are used to the brilliance of Biswapati Sarkar. With Tripling, TVF gives us a new writer: Sumeet Vyas, best known for playing the endearing goofball Mikesh in Permanent Roommates. Vyas also plays Chandan in Tripling.
Celebrating writers is probably TVF’s biggest contribution to the revolution afoot in Indian showbiz. Writers were second-rate citizens before TVF came along. Now, writers are heroes, both on and off the screen.
In Pitchers, Sarkar delivered what is probably the first viral piece of dialogue on the small screen in India:
“Tu beer hai behenchod.”
I have seen the madness for this line in college events, a throwback to the timeless craze for ‘Kitnay aadmi they?” Tripling’s first episode also has a potentially iconic line:
“Yeh compatibility naa…badi madarchod cheez hoti hai.”
Bring on the memes.
Saying things simply. Smart one-liners. Characters that are comfortingly familiar. Is TVF’s playing field becoming a bit too formulaic, a bit too safe? Too early to tell, but sure, it’s a risk, because the entertainment business loves formulas.
I am not too worried though that Tripling will degenerate into standard fare. Before the story begins, Chandan’s voice tells us what not to expect. This is not a story about friends, he says. This is not Dil Chahta Hai or Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. In other words, don’t expect neat resolutions to old wounds. Families don’t work that way.
Finally, there’s the thing that excites me most about TVF’s shows: how they marry the sponsor’s brand with the story. Kingfisher in Pitchers and Commonfloor and then Ola in Permanent Roommates were inspired alliances. In PR season 2, the iconic character of Ola-waley Bhaiyya was a terrific example of what can happen if creative folk and those writing the cheques agree to prioritise story over product plug.
Tata Tiago, Tripling’s sponsor, inherits this legacy. A lot will ride on how efficient a vehicle it proves to be for the journey that Chandan, Chanchal, and Chitvan must make.
After all, “Yeh compatibility naa…badi madarchod cheez hoti hai.”
Fasten your seat belts

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