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Suicide Squad srt Sub Subtitle Download

Suicide Squad has been the long gestating DC Comics film that every single fan on the planet has been waiting for. From the controversial casting of Jared Leto as the Joker to the rumored reshoots, this is a film that has been on everyone’s minds for the past two years since it was announced. So, how does it hold up? Well, let’s start off with the great. The greatness in the film sits on many shoulders. Jared Leto as The Joker is probably the most interesting part of the film. Leto does not even try to top Ledger or Nicholson, he simply does his own thing. He’s devilishly charming but extremely psychotic. I compare him mostly to Mark Hammil’s Joker from the animated series in the 90s. It is unlike anything we’ve seen before so, for that, I give it kudos. It is pretty cool seeing this type of Joker but I will admit, I would have loved to have seen more of him. What is a good actually is a bit of a bad. Leto is in it for merely 25 minutes tops which is a bit disappointing considering his performance is absolutely mesmerizing. On to the rest of the Squad, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is exceptional. She delivers a performance that is straight out of Girl, Interrupted. She is extremely unpredictable on screen and it is a pure delight watching her relish in exactly what makes Harley Quinn memorable: her sultry psychotic demeanor. Will Smith as Deadshot is just Will Smith. There is no real boundary breaking performance here. He is the lead actor of the film and the film plays out like such. Not saying that Deadshot isn’t a cool, badass character but it is just Will Smith in costume. The rest of the cast including Jai Courtney, Joel Kinneman, Viola Davis, Scott Eastwood and Adam Beach, all give great performances and there isn’t one false beat. There is a true chemistry on the screen that is palpable and David Ayer deserves high praise for that. The film is good but the performances are great. There is a clear intention on building up these characters over building the film which is another good quality turned bad. The film itself is a typical comic book movie of the 21st century. It is heavy on the characters and extremely light on plot and a villain. The first twenty minutes are spent introducing these characters, not a plot, just these characters. This is cool at first but once you realize most of the important plot points are in the trailers, it becomes a bit disappointing that there isn’t a villain to rally against just anti-heroes to rally behind. By many standard traditions, this is a film very close to The Dirty Dozen or The Magnificent Seven. It is not about what is going on, it is about what is going on inside these character’s minds that really push the movie forward. It is an ensemble character piece above all else. While much of the spoilers have been spoiled long ago, there are still a couple things that will bring smiles to fan’s faces. So, overall… Does it break new ground? No. Is it badass? Yes. Is it fun? Absolutely. Should you see it? Without a doubt.

Suicide Squad is definitely going to put some nerves at ease since Batman V Superman. But DC has a long way to go in terms of churning out undeniably great comic book films outside of The Dark Knight trilogy and Suicide Squad is most certainly a great start.

Suicide Squad Srt Sub Download

Disappointment. That’s actually far better than what I felt after watching this movie. I wanted to leave the cinema about 30 minutes before the end but that’s against my personal policy so I tried plan B but found nothing to poke my eyes out so I watched, and cried…

-First, where is Deadshot? No, because all I saw from start to end is goody Will Smith playing the good family guy, very far from the cold hearted hired assassin he is supposed to play.

-Second, what was that false publicity? The Joker appeared a lot in the trailer but he has absolutely no purpose in this movie apart from being the background story of Harley Quinn. Really, you remove him, you get the same movie but with only half of the theatre full.

-Third, while I’m on her, the guys who made this movie obviously didn’t get the relationship between Harley and the Joker. The Joker don’t give a damn about her, she is his tool, he can throw her from a bridge without a second thought while Harley has developed a serious Stockholm Syndrome toward him. In this movie they are all lovey-dovey, at the end of the movie I nearly expected to see them leave in a car with “Just Married” written on the back with a “And they lived happily ever after.”

-The first half of the movie is actually not that bad, the villains really look and act like villains most of the time but everything started to fall apart after Will Smith reunite his troops after they failed the mission the first time, each one of them just want to drop everything and leave but then Will Smith says they can’t give up and of course all the bad guys listen to him because he is Will Smith (God?). That was when I did my first face-palm.

-This movie is 50% Will Smith, 40% Harley Quinn, and 10% the others. Really, apart from the first two, the others are just background characters, to make a comparison, in Guardian of the galaxy, you got one hero but you know the background stories of every members of the team, and they get their fair share of screen time. In this movie, they just don’t care.

-The jokes, sorry… The “jokes”, well, I think the quotes speaks for themselves. Sometimes it’s funny, most of the times it’s not and sometimes they even try to explain the joke you understand but don’t find funny. I think Warner tried to be more funny and less dark in this movie after they got some bad reviews about Batman Vs Superman being too dark but that’s just ridiculous, they remade some scenes to add jokes and sometimes it even breaks the action.

-And while I’m on it, Batman vs Superman had an impact in the DC Universe, it starts with the consequences of what happened in Man of Steel and at the end of it, the world has changed. In this movie, there is no progression of the DC Universe, it feels more like one of those filler episode you don’t want to watch in any series.

-I won’t talk about the end of this movie because, as a sadist, I want you to go watch this movie and suffer during the two hours needed to finally reach the end credits. Just know that the last minutes are actually way worse than the rest of the movie. Enjoy 😉

Anyway, as a DC fan, I wanted to see Harley Quinn in a movie but certainly not in this one. I really, really, REALLY hope that Warner won’t use this movie as a reference to make Justice League because if they do I’ll have to formulate an official request to DC so they can let Marvel do their movies 😀 See you all in 2017.
I just got back from the movie and have a few feelings about it. It started out solid enough, we get to know the characters/motivations/weaknesses. Yes it was hurried but necessary and stylish.

Then things drastically started to go downhill. DC’s answer to Samuel Jackson is the stony faced Amanda Waller. She decides she needs to get these people together in case of another meta-human attack and by doing so she instigates the attack itself.

So now we are faced with the big bad enchantress who we know nothing about and really aren’t that committed to as a movie baddie. But that’s OK… the bad guys aren’t that important if our protagonists have good charisma with each other on screen. Here was my biggest issue. They just don’t.

The enemy ends up being a barrage of blackberry-headed minions and it begins to feel like an annoying video game. Step into a room, kill all bad guys, move on to the next room and repeat. To add insult to injury Rick Flagg even gets dragged away twice and has to be rescued like those ridiculous ‘keep them alive’ missions in video games. The action feels more suited to a war movie than to a comic book movie (perhaps the directors past is showing here)

I wanted to like this movie, I wanted to like the characters but there were points where the dialogue was just so bad. TWICE, characters randomly hit on Katana to which she does not respond. It’s not funny. TWICE everyone ends up ogling Harley Quinn. The attempts at humor in the movie were weak at best. Killer Croc utters so many pointless one liner’s that are neither funny nor useful. It just didn’t work.

You want humor? When the characters are being shown their wildest dreams, give us a ridiculous seen with Boomerang. Give us some funny scenes with Diablo and stop saying ‘esse’ at him.

I loved the romance with Joker and Harley.. give us more of that, don’t squeeze the joker into a bunch of different personas.

The bar scene was lovely, you felt the characters come close to something like a bond. Don’t give us that at the end… give us that at the start of the movie, make us actually feel like these people mesh together well. They call themselves a family at the end but they have done nothing to merit that.

Diablo had a cool scene at the end and Will Smith played an amazing Deadshot but I feel Rick Flag was just badly cast. I never really cared for the Rick and Deadshot scenes together on screen… It never felt like it really worked.

Overall, I’ll still watch DC movies, but I do feel like they are missing something that the Marvel counterpart has got right. Maybe it’s heart, maybe Marvel just have more practice but I hope DC can redeem themselves next year.

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