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Ladies Room Srt Sub Subtitle Download

We must credit Yash Raj Films for entertaining us some new age content through their web series. After Love Shots, the production is back with yet another series and this is jut for the ladies. No, gentlemen strictly not allowed. So, all you men out there have you all wondered what goes on in a ladies washroom? Don’t worry. Watch this zingy, trippy web series and clear all your doubts.

The first two episodes, or shall we say webisodes of Ladies Room are out and boy, we are floored by it already. Here is our take. Take a look…

What’s hot

Oooh, the content, dialogues and treatment. Every damn thing is super hot. Not to mention, the rocking performances of the two HEROES of this series: Shreya Dhanwanthary and Saba Azad. It is directed by Ashima Chibber whose debut was the delightful Mere Dad Ki Maruti. Well, this series will take you to private areas of a woman’s world. This is one of the most unapologetic and funny take on being a woman in India. It will surely resonate with you if helplessly laugh after facing double standards on an every day level. Enjoy showing middle finger to patriarchy? Then you will love this series. This series is shot in six different toilets and that concept is unique in itself. Don’t you think so? Yeah, but don’t be shy while watching Ladies Room. You will get damn uncomfortable at times. And also, don’t watch the episodes while eating. You will know why we are saying this once you watch it.

What’s not

Are you those types who constantly rant about NOT being a feminist? Are you judgmental about women smoking and drinking? Then please avoid it. But rest of you, it will be a crime to miss this gem.

What to do

Oh, please watch Khanney and Dino’s antics and you will never have a dull day, that’s promise. Need we say more?

Ladies Room Srt Sub Download

They are besties who call themselves Dingo and Khanna and they hang out in ladies washrooms swearing like sailors and talking about the G-spot, wanting to have sex and not wanting to fall pregnant.

This raunchy duo stars in Ladies Room, a six-part online series created by Y-Films, the youth division of Aditya Chopra’s Mumbai-based production powerhouse Yash Raj Films (YRF). Launching on May 31, the series features Saba Azad, whose credits include YRF’s romantic comedy feature Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge and Love Shots, as Dingo and Shreya Dhanwanthary (Sneha Geetham, The Girl in Me, Josh) as Khanna.

Looking to stir controversy, Y-Films touted the trailer as the “raunchiest and most outrageous in YRF’s history.” The show marks the screenwriting debuts of theater director/actor/playwright Ratnabali Bhattacharjee and Neha Kaul Mehra, who trained with Second City, the sketch and improv comedy troupe based in Chicago, where she now lives, after a decade in international development and finance. Bhattacharjee starred in The Viral Fever’s popular online series Permanent Roommates.

“The Y-Films creative team came up with the idea,” producer Ashish Patil, who is head of Y-Films, tells Forbes. “We’d wanted to develop a show that would be set in one location that has a lot of character, texture and could be an interesting backdrop for stories. The girl’s washroom seemed like a great place to start, a sacred space , where s**t happens – literally and otherwise.

“A place where girls groom, gossip, laugh, cry, b***h and more. Women will find it completely relatable and guys will hopefully get the answer to the question that’s been troubling mankind forever – why do women go to the loo in groups?”
Directed by Ashima Chibber, who made her debut with the hit comedy Mere Dad Ki Maruti, each 10-minute episode is set in a different washroom and so is a male-free zone. The primary source of funding is sponsorship from jewellery brand Mia by Tanishq, plus Google GOOGL -0.24% advertising and the potential for syndication and content licensing. Also, the two leads are part of the talent roster managed by YRF, generating endorsements and appearance revenues. Patil adds, “We are hoping to bring on board a couple other sponsors as associates as the show lends itself to that seamlessly.”

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