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MS Dhoni: The untold story Srt Sub Subtitle Download

M.S. Dhoni had a burden of expectations on it – not just because it is based on India’s most beloved captain but also it had Neeraj Pandey as Director. The movie is well made but runs into too much of unnecessary stuff, especially in the second half. It is pretty much left on its own in the later part. Sushant Singh Rajput is bloody impressive with his uncanny resemblance to MSD, not just in terms of looks but also the expressions.

Story (7/10): The movie focused really well on the life of MSD before he became a household name. It focused a lot on the challenges, small town boys had been facing to get an entry into Indian cricket team about 10 years back when metro boys, especially Delhi and Mumbai, had a great influence on the team composition. What I also loved was the portrayal of Dhoni’s work ethic – be it the scene of Yuvraj Singh or the booze. The first half of the story shows the tremendous amount of research done on the build up of MSD and the people involved in getting him into the Indian cricket team. Unfortunately, the story is left orphaned once it crosses that chapter. Too much focus on his love life was not just unnecessary but also slowed down the movie tremendously. I would have loved to see some focus on what exactly made him CAPTAIN COOL and at least some bits of behind the scenes portrayal of what happened in the dressing room in the 2011 WC Final. But the story just skips through that, which is a big let down.

Acting (10/10): Sushant Singh Rajput did a great job. He had a challenging role and his hard work showed in the way he projected MSD, in terms of looks as well as expressions. This would definitely go in as one of his best performances, arguably better than Byomkesh Bakshi. What I loved was the effort and the screen presence by the supporting cast – especially MSD’s friend circle and also his school coach, played by Rajesh Sharma. The last time I saw such a level of presence by supporting cast was, perhaps, in Tanu Weds Manu series.

Direction (6/10): This was definitely below par performance of Neeraj Pandey, considering his reputation. While a lot of research and meticulousness went into the first half of the movie, it was equally misdirected and vague in the second half. The story pretty much ended at the point when MSD makes it into the Indian cricket team. I felt Neeraj Pandey tends to play safe and is compelled to add romance element irrespective of the movie genre, just like he did in Baby and Special 26 where, again, it wasn’t required at all. And this is what takes down this movie. While three hours is pretty much expected in biopic movies, he didn’t utilize it to the best.

Overall (7/10): It lives up to its tagline – The Untold Story – with some great research on the life of MSD in his early years but the movie just becomes directionless in the second half. But still, a good movie to watch, at least half of it.

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Neeraj Pandey and his best…..Marvelous shot executed
Author: Filler Ruth from Michigan, USA
29 September 2016
Right now maybe everyone should agree on this, Neeraj Pandey is one of the most talented directors of the Bollywood. He has made some outstanding films and this is also a very good film. His all of the films are thriller genre and he is right now a master of the thriller movie. His previous ventures “A Wednesday”, “Special 26” and “Baby” all of this 3 movies are highly appreciated by the critics and the audiences. This movie is not a complete thriller movie, Moreover this movie is a biography. But just you think when biography meets with the thriller genre, what will happen? Exactly!!! A very good enjoyable movie. This movie has all the elements what you like to watch. Sports, Drama, Emotion, Action, Suspense and thriller. the perfect combination of all of this.

I am not revealing the story of this movie. You all know Mr. Mahendra Sing Dhoni. He is the captain of Indian Cricket team of Limited version. You know his career in cricket and you know his contribution to Indian cricket. But you don’t know his untold story and how he came here and how he made his fame. This is a very emotional journey and very encourageable for everyone.

We all only see how a player plays on the ground but we don’t want to know his struggle and his hidden story. This movie tells the hidden story of Mr. Dhoni and reveals his actual character. I am not telling the story but you may think biography movie is not enjoyable. But believe me, this movie will demolish your previous experience about this genre and definitely you will enjoy this. Good storyline, Very good script, Outstanding direction and very good acting made this a good enjoyable one.

If you feel bored after watching Raaz 4 and Pink, go catch this movie. You will not regret.

MS Dhoni: The untold story Srt Sub Download

After 3 films with Akshya Kumar as lead, Neeraj Pandey switched over to Sushant Singh Rajput and made this movie based on the life of Indian Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

First of all, to make a biopic is not an easy job. As what the maker finds interesting, the person on which the biopic is happening may not! He wants something to show, but the maker is not convince with that. These are some basic differences. And after all this, a movie should be a true entertainer. So, the toughest part for the maker is to decide what to show & how to show. Because the maker has to give pure justice to the person’s life without hurting his fans and followers.

Neeraj starts the film with the 2011 world cup final. And when Dhoni enters in the ground, Neeraj switches of to the flashback. From this point, the film picks up the speed. From the birth of Dhoni, to his schooling, to his relationship with his sister, to his caring mother & strict father, to his friendships, to his matches, to his practice, to his breakdown where he gets to know that he can’t play Dulip Trophy, to his disregarding by selectors, to his job as a TC, to his hard work, to his self realization and getting into the train. Every single scene is running like a fast paced balling delivery. The 50% of the film is complete and than you realize that one hour and thirty minutes are over.

In post interval, love story starts with Ind-Pak series. Some beautiful tracks and little lighter moments are there in love segments. But as compare to the first half, this is not that much in speed. But you don’t feel like boring. And than Sakshi’s entry, Dhoni’s marriage, and back to the first scene and completes the circle with winning six in the final of 2011 world cup.

Lyrics by Manoj Muntshir and Music by Amaal Malik are fantastic. Besabriyaan is my favorite along with the soulful track Kaun Tujhe. The entire album suits to the film. We have noticed in Neeraj’s movie, that one background tune which has been constantly played throughout the film. In this movie too, one outstanding tune is there.

Anupam Kher, Kumud Mishra, Rajesh & Bhumika are the backbone supporter of this film. Disha Patani looks pretty. Kaira Advani is suitable as Sakshi. Overall a good team in supporter.

But the man, Sushant Singh Rajput is a true actor. After delivering a classic performance in last year’s Detective Byomkesh Bakshy, he shines out this time too. As a lead, his dedication towards becoming Dhoni is fantastic. From gaining the weight as Dhoni to setting a hairstyle like him, he just delivered his best. His 150 days of cricket training clearly speaks out loud when he strikes the ball with a helicopter shot. He is a real actor of today’s generation.

Now, what to say about Neeraj! I love all his films. I’ve seen Baby and Special 26 more than 20 times. And I like this one too. So, whenever I’ll get chance, will surely watch this again and again.

On the whole, after collecting 20cr on the first day, the movie will fly high at box office. Without any promotions on TV, without any major star casts, this film is doing well, and there are two reasons- Dhoni and Neeraj Pandey. Public is smart and they know on whom they can trust. So, just go and see the film. A pure entertainer of this year. Get inspiration from Dhoni’s life and his hard-work.

And one more request, please cheer up the hall. As I’ve seen some snapchat videos where the hall is silent even on the winning stroke. I’m lucky that the hall where I went was so enthusiastic to see this film, that every single stoke of Dhoni or even Gambhir or Yuvraj got applause. Some glimpse of Sachin, Sehwag or any other cricketer also got appreciation by the audience. In my life, I’ve heard cheers on a six or four in the cinema-hall rather than a stadium. These things made my day. Best movie experience of this year so far.

By far, my most favorite biopic film is Bhag Milkha Bhag. And after that, I guess this film.
I was quite excited for the film, so much that I didn’t wanted to read the reviews and went for the first day show. The reason for the excitement was to see the most celebrated Indian captain, MS Dhoni being played by a talented actor, Sushant Singh Rajput and Neeraj Pandey directing it after Baby. After leaving the Cinema hall, I wasn’t bored but I was disappointed. The fact which disappointed me was that Neeraj didn’t took any risk The Film covers the life of MS Dhoni from his birth to the day when he lifts the World Cup in 2011. The Teenage-Youth years are well portrayed and is the main strength of the film. Hats off to Neeraj for the details of 90’s like Children carrying the rectangular shaped bags, Playing the video games. The locations are real and that’s another positive of the film. You travel to the unseen city of Ranchi, visits Dhoni’s real school and see the various grounds. Sushant’s dedication to be Dhoni, to play like Dhoni, to look like Dhoni is outstanding. Yes, he mastered the popular Helicopter Shot. Another thanks to the Visual Effects team cause they beautifully shelved Sushant’s body into a teenage one and to fit his face into Dhoni’s Match Footage(Not 100 percent accurate but it’s still good) The first Half is good as you see the character grow, the minor details and the help Dhoni gets from his friends, parents and coaches. But when you are really excited to see how Dhoni becomes a successful captain, the victories, the failures and the controversies, the screenplay let’s you down. The shift changes to Dhoni love life which is still good but then then it misses what really the viewer want to see.We don’t get to see Dhoni becoming the captain, his response to it and how he let a young immature team to win T20 World cup in 2007. You don’t really get to know what makes Dhoni, An Amazing Captain. That’s why film becomes “a Told Story” rather than untold cause you know almost everything. Also I wanted the answer to how he manages to be cool in tough situations and Why he put himself up in the batting order in the World Cup 11 final but at the end all remained unanswered. Performance’s are good from the support cast too as Anupam Kher, Disha patni shines in their roles. So, what to do this weekend? You can still go, its not bad. The film has a heart and 180 minutes didn’t let you to sleep. It’s better than many biopics coming these days cause of the performance, research and details. But if you’re expecting for a film that makes it into your favorite list,it isn’t.

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