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Trolls Srt Sub Subtitle Download

Trolls is a neon-tinted explosion of glitter, music and fast-paced humor. It may not be an animated masterpiece but there are some very creative and charming things happening in this film. DreamWorks isn’t at the level of challenging Disney or Pixar and they prove it again with their latest, but if Trolls maybe isn’t ambitious it’s a lot of fun. The animation is lovely to look at. Colorful and tactile with use of felt and scrapbook cutouts, the animation sparkles. The film tells an important if rather basic message about happiness and how it is found within. The first half of the film is delightful with some terrific musical numbers starring Anna Kendrick, however, momentum slows a bit once the trolls hit Bergen Town, and the addition of a sideplot involving a Bergen scullery maid is rather strange, but the film pulls it together near the end. In the film’s best scene, resembling Inside Out’s Memory Dump scene, Justin Timberlake flexes his vocals in a touching rendition or True Colors and an oddly quiet scene from the typical frenzied DreamWorks’ animations. Trolls is a cute story, told well with some good vocal performances and some nice musical numbers. It’s loud and frantic at times and it doesn’t dig too deep, but it’s charming and funny enough to make a pleasant escape from the torturous election season. Rating: 68DreamWorks Animation is not, and never will be, Pixar or even near it. Films like this prove my point. They do make great films to watch, but sometimes they slip mistakes like, what I said, this one. Trolls may not be terrible (not even near it) but it’s just a jumbled mess that hardly makes any sense whatsoever.Over the years, it has become a point of no return that studios continue to bring properties to life, even if they do not deserve a theatrical run. Trolls is the epitome of a children’s toy from the past that had no reason to be in theatres. That being said, this animated film is better than it has any right to be. When it comes to child-based animated films, having little for adults to enjoy, it does become difficult to see through the annoying tropes at times; However, those tropes are used to benefit the story this time around, so I have to commend it for that at least. Here is why Trolls actually turned out to be a nice little one-off. The story surrounding this film is quite simple. Creatures called the Bergens, gather around a tree (the Troll village) once a year in order to feast on them to find happiness in their otherwise dull existence. Finding a way to escape and hide, one Bergen is still able to track them down and take a few. Determined to find her friends before they are devoured, Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) find themselves on an adventure across the village. Yes, the plot is as thin as it sounds and it is completely directed toward the 3-10 age group, but as a film that is trying to accomplish just that and nothing more, it is completely serviceable. What makes the plot more interesting is the fact that it is mainly told through song. Normally in films like this, they are riddled with popular music in order to sell certain aspects to people who would have no interest in the first place. Popular music sprinkled throughout films are meant to make people feel a certain emotion, but the way it is displayed here is the most clever gimmick ever. Every popular song chosen to play throughout the course of this film serves a purpose toward the overall story and the payoff put a big ol’ grin on my face. Sure, there are some musical numbers that are there just for fun, but when the final act has its big moment and life lesson, I can’t say anything except for the fact that it works. Making this a musical definitely saved its average story. Of course a Hollywood animated film would be able to attach some big names to voice its characters, but there is something out of the ordinary with Kendrick and Timberlake. They bring so much fun to these characters that I was looking forward to every scene they shared together. Their duets really shine off the screen here and it may even make some people trickle a few tears when their “true colours” are revealed in the final act. I thoroughly believe this film to be far more effective than it had any right to be and kids will surely have a blast with the fun visuals and characters. Filled with fantastically colourful visuals from start to finish, characters more compelling than one may think going in, and a message that is great for all kids, Trolls is a definitely surprisingly better than it should be. That being said, I really believe that the only people to love this film will be younger kids. Its story has just enough to make them think, while also being entertained by the music and visuals. It is predictable from start to finish, even though there is one very effective moment, and it will not be remembered as one of the better animated films as time goes on. As a one-off, sure, I will recommend bringing your kids to this film. I do not see myself revisiting this film anytime soon, but if I happened to catch it on television down the road, it will be a harmless second viewing. For something that I expected to be nothing but slapstick in the same vein as The Smurfs, Trolls is pretty impressive for what it is. A decent little flick for the whole family.

Trolls Srt Sub Subtitle Download

Photo: DreamWorks Animation
Running time: 93 minutes. Rated PG (mild rude humor).
The Trolls are a suspiciously happy folk; they live in an idyllic, carefree wonderland where everyone likes everyone and they spend their days hugging and singing and dancing. I think maybe they’re based on Canadians?

Yet, in this licensed-merchandise catalog posing as an animated feature, there is a source of unease. Poppy (Anna Kendrick), the princess who comes across as a slightly cheerier take on Joy from “Inside Out,” is perturbed by the warnings of a fellow Troll, Branch (Justin Timberlake), who believes that the Trolls’ enemies — the giant Bergens, who haven’t been seen in 20 years — are ready to pounce.

Branch is a realist — also known as a conservative — and naturally he is despised for his prescience. He hides out in a prepper bunker that comes in handy when an evil lady Bergen (Christine Baranski) kidnaps several Trolls and stashes them in her fanny pack with plans to serve them for dinner. Poppy and Branch sally forth on a rescue mission, heading into the Bergen homeland (Bergen County?) with several breaks to sing, sometimes with freaky hallucinogenic backdrops that would not have been out of place in “Yellow Submarine.” Put it this way — I’ve never seen a cloud wear tube socks before.

A gruesome glitter-gun attack of the cutey-wooty, “Trolls” combines dreadful kindergarten humor (one troll poops cupcakes) with a feeble plot, much padded with high-fructose-corn-syrup versions of pop and R&B classics. Captured, the Trolls sing Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” while preparing to die — although, if I had to endure both of these events, I’d prefer the latter occur first.

The major question is whether our tiny friends will be able to convince the Bergen prince (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) to fall in love with the scullery maid (Zooey Deschanel) and learn that true happiness lies within rather than in eating Trolls.

Yet given the compulsory-happiness regime of the Trolls (required hourly hugging is enforced by an wristwatch alarm), a better question is whether they constitute a candy-colored cult. I’m a lot more creeped out by mirth Nazis than by the wretched, incompetent Bergens. If the makers of “Trolls” must keep going, I won’t be present for the next entry unless it’s “Trolls Meet Smurfs.” With chainsaws. In the Thunderdome.
They’re small, squat and fuzzy, with ridiculous hair and a love of anonymous mischief-making … but enough about folks who haunt comments sections and blow up Twitter feeds. This DreamWorks animation joint revolves around a different type of troll, specifically those vintage miniature dolls blessed with drunken-pug faces and gravity-defying ‘dos. Having licensed the IP for the purposes of big-screen toysploitation, the company has come up with a story in which our furry little friends are pursued by giants known as Bergens; if these miserable, ogre-like creatures consume a troll on a holiday known as “Trollstice,” they allegedly experience a momentary sense of happiness. One massive underground escape later, the diminutive would-be desserts flee to the forest to live in peace, harmony and endless pop song singalongs. Years later, their trolltopia is threatened when an exiled Bergen chef (Christine Baranski) discovers their whereabouts and hopes to revive the tradition. Only the insanely optimistic Princess Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and her pessimistic friend Branch (Justin Timberlake) can rescue their troll-napped friends.
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Forget the story, which borrows from virtually every other feature-length cartoon you’ve seen over the last decade, as well as Cinderella, Cyrano de Bergerac and the Campbellian hero’s journey template. This is really just an excuse to for celebrities to nab plum voiceover paydays – an A-list roll call includes Zooey Deschanel, Russell Brand, Gwen Stefani, James Corden and Jeffrey Tambor – for directors/Shrek franchise veterans Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn to roll out platitudes about finding your bliss, for corporate music-licensing liasons to justify their jobs (the soundtrack is a karaoke machine’s wet dream) and for folks to indulge in the sort of aggressively positive vibe that makes The Lego Movie feel damned near postapocalyptic. One character farts glitter and another poops cupcakes. You could not ask for better in-movie metaphors.
Where Trolls does rise above your run-of-the-mill children’s entertainment is its animation, which veers between artisanally crude felt-cut-out interludes and computer-rendered scenes emphasizing every strand of the trolls’ vertical, rainbow-ready hair. Rarely has so much care been made to show so much texture in an animated film, from the characters’ downy skin to the background flora that seems wonderfully tactile and almost hand-made. There’s a distinct arts-and-craft look to everything. You wonder if the project was given a grant by Etsy. And to say it’s colorful is an understatement; the variety of retina-searing primary and pastel hues hurled at your eyeballs at any and every given moment falls somewhere between a Skittles factory’s inventory and a psychedelic drug trip. (This is truly a kids’ movie designed for toddlers and your uncle that did too much Orange Sunshine that one time and never fully recovered.)
If you’ve ever been curious as to how far a studio toon could push the doors of perception in terms of a visual palette, or simply wondered what a Kendrick/Timberlake duet of “True Colors” would sound like, Trolls will answer these questions in between sandblasting you with manufactured joy. Otherwise, this is one of those time-killers that’s impossibly exuberant, insanely likable and instantly forgettable.
Ok parents, don’t be fooled – here’s an actual plot summary for you: Troll Princess is super cute and has awesome outfits and a crew of 5 unique friends all with their own style and accessories and a much larger Troll family who also are individually unique and one even sounds just like Justin Timberlake so what’s not to like about that and although you could just buy one of them that would just make you a cheapskate who hates seeing your kid happy so you should buy the whole set and the Bergens are hungry and grumpy and lock the Trolls up in a cage and then literally suck the joy out of the Trolls and oh by the way guess what Bergens are just a marketing metaphor for parents and Trolls represent your children and if you DON’T give your children freedom they will hate you forever but if you DO give them freedom you yourself will achieve true happiness and guess what freedom is another sneaky metaphor for the entire Troll gift set for purchase this holiday season see what they did there?

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