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Quantico Season 2 Srt Sub Subtitle Download

The much awaited Season 2 of ABC’s hit show Quantico premiered on September 26. And just like the previous season, the show manages to maintain nervous energy and suspense till the very end of the first episode.
The show is yet again divided into two timelines and keeps moving back and forth all through (which does cause a lot of confusion). It begins with a take it or leave it job offer by Matthew Keyes from the CIA followed by a fast forward where Alex (Priyanka Chopra) can be seen in a brief chat with Ryan (Jake McLaughlin). While Ryan is now a part of the President of the United States’ daily briefing team, Alex calls herself a civilian.
Ryan leaves soon enough for the G20 summit and Alex chooses not to wait for him. She keeps the ring given by him on the table and walks away. This also indicates how her relationship with Ryan seems to have changed over the course of time.
In the next scene, Alex is walking around New York’s Financial District, looking distressed when she spots a man she killed herself, and she knows something is wrong. This is followed by a string of coordinated bomb attacks.

Back at the summit, the world leaders arrive for a meeting, but masked assailants enter the building and hold everyone as hostage including the President and the First Lady.
Meanwhile, Alex sneaks inside the building to find masks and equipments of the assailants in a trunk and that is when one of the assailants hits her. She fights him and discovers it is Jeremy Miller who tells her how she has got a lot of things wrong. Before Alex can know more, he jumps out of the window. In the hall room, the assailants put forth their demand to the President and threaten to execute the First Lady.
Will Alex be able to save them? What is the future of her relationship with Ryan? Is she a civilian or still part of the CIA? All this remains to be seen in the upcoming episodes.
All the action in the present is interrupted with a flashback of Alex’s training tests at the CIA with Ryan Booth.
Even this time around the plot is undoubtedly gripping, and keeps you hooked to the next. However, the confusion around the timelines could have been avoided. There are several quick switches between the past and the present which lead to chaos and you might need to watch the show all over again.

This time the action centers in New York, which is a treat to watch. And we can’t wait to see more of it. There are many new characters on the show, while some we are familiar with such as Nimah Anwar (Yasmine Al Massri), Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy), and Miranda Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis), some we are not.

What we totally loved on the show is desi girl Priyanka Chopra who proves, yet again, that she can do anything which includes kicking butt in high heels, jumping off the plane etc. She carries the show on her shoulders and looks perfect even in action sequences. Her relationship with Ryan Booth also comes as breather from all the intense action.
Despite all the interruptions, the first episode has left us asking for more. As the trailer puts it, there are many secrets and truths yet to be unraveled.

Quantico Season 2 Srt Sub Subtitle Download

The much awaited premier of Quantico’s Season 2 aired last night and it indeed was a surprise package. The episode starts with Alex (Priyanka Chopra) shown working for the CIA only to find out that the scenes in the beginning of the episode are actually from a year after the main events set off in the season. Ryan is all set to propose to Alex but she ruins the moment saying that they should give their relationship some more time or wait at least till the end of their CIA assignment. The two are placed on the same assignment by the CIA in Kudove and open a box of unresolved issues and lies during the assignment.

The new entries in the show like Russel Tovey, Tracy Ifeachor, Blair Underwood and so on definitely add more actin and mystery to the second innings of the show. The undercover FBI agents, Alex and Ryan, are asked to infiltrate the CIA and find themselves amidst problems of their own. The two will most probably break up soon and for good. The Season 2 of Quantico is much better and interesting than the first season. Though there are some boring scenes of them training in Langley to be a CIA agent, the show gets you hooked with its new plot and new addition to the cast. The show delivered one of the most shocking scenes when the first lady is beheaded by the terrorist. The show has got mixed reviews from a lot of other portals. Here’s what people have to say about the show.HollywoodReporter was thrilled by the fact that at the end of the episode, the first lady was beheaded by the terorrist since it makes the show more interesting and strong. This is what they said,”Quantico is no stranger to killing off characters, but Safran makes it clear that the decision to push the story line to such brutal lengths is not for entertainment sake. Instead, it’s meant to reflect the real terror threats of the world today.”

TvFanatic gave the show a mixed review saying, “Thankfully, there’s a good bit of difference between last season’s attack, and this one. It could actually be really interesting if we don’t jump to any other time in the future, and if we have to watch Alex and friends break up this hostage situation as it is happening.” They also said, “Sometimes when I talk about Quantico, I feel like my head is spinning, and I worry that I might not be making sense. Does that happen to anyone else?”

TVOverMind gave the show good reviews, “Overall, “Kudove” did a pretty good job at establishing the season, and I have every hope that it’s going to be a fun season. Quantico seems to know what it wants to do and how to do it, and that confidence should help the show improve over its already successful first season. With that said, though, this seems to be very much more of the same from Quantico, so people that didn’t tune in last year don’t really have a reason to tune in this year. In addition, it’s very possible that the audience won’t be satisfied that so little has changed in the show’s sophomore season.”
The first episode of the last season hinted that this could be a tighter, and more interesting season. But that’s doesn’t mean that Priyanka Chopra‘s show is not following the same mistakes in the last season. Quantico still has an interesting premise, but the Hunger Games’ style training session (except without the deliberate bloody evictions, most of the times that is) and the frequent pandering to the teen audience to kind of make us a little wary of the show. But then there is Priyanka Chopra, and whenever, he s onscreen, as a Bollywood fan, it is not easy for us not to cheer for her. The second episode again shows that she is willing to go beyond her conventions to own the role, and thereby the show as well. Here’s our review of the second episode of the second season…
Let’s start talking about Alex’s CIA training at The Farm first. She still sucks at being the best spy of the class, but she has improved a bit compared to the last episode, that worst credit goes to her roomie, Dayana. They were given a new surveillance test, where they have to get avoid getting caught by their fellow trainees who are masquerading as the taggers. She nearly succeeds, but a little oversight makes her fail the test again. Ryan, meanwhile, is doing real good at the training though. At a couple of minutes at the starts where she spends having some naked fun and frolic with her boyfriends and fellow trainee Ryan. Then they are interrupted by the arrival of Miranda Shaw, who informs them that they are not supposed to act as couple as they are on different missions at The Farm, and they are getting different handlers. But, as you know, they such at hiding themselves as a couple.

In the future timeline, the hostages are rounded up and wired and kept in a separate section, including Ryan and Raina. They also mix a few terrorists amidst them. Raina tried to mark one of them, but they are smarter than her, so they put the same mark on the rest of them. Shelby informs Miranda that Alex could be somewhere near the perimeter, but Miranda has her own agenda.

What’s hot

Again, like the previous season the future timeline is getting interesting than the training portions, as Alex gets to be a female John McClane a la Die Hard, as she infiltrates into the building where terrorists have taken ownership of it, and save the President and her friends. The training portions aren’t bad per se, but still pale when it comes to standing out compared to the previous season. But there was one interesting scene, where Ryan, tasked of following Alex as an assignment, is told by a passerby that he sucks at the job and he is instead being followed (by Owen). It’s also good to see that Raina and Shelby getting involved in The Farm mission, as they become Alex and Ryan’s handler respectively. Lydia and Harry are still being the standout characters of the show. The ending twist with regards to Miranda, can be interesting or too shocking, depending on how you see it.

What’s not

One of the characters in the show exclaim, ‘As if this doesn’t feel enough like a reality show’. It’s good that the script writers are poking fun at themselves for using the reality show format to bind their narrative, but doesn’t spare them from being repetitive. Some of the new characters in the season will remind you of the previous ones in the first season, like Dayana is similar to Natalie, while they are writing Harry to be just like Simon (with his fake accent being the talk of the town). The needless injection of showing the trainees in their skimpy training clothes, could also be avoided nearly every episode. The dialogues still suck.

What to do

Overall, not a bad episode when it comes to Quantico but not a memorable either. Except for that last twist, the rest of the episode is relatively harmless. And yes, it also featured Priyanka Chopra’s boldest lovemaking scene ever.

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