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The purge: Election Year Srt Sub Subtitle Download

“The Purge: Election Year” (2016 release; 105 min.) brings the continued stories of the Annual Purge, set somewhere in the not-too-distant future. As the movie opens, we are treated to a “Purge playlist” (T. Rex; George Clinton). and we witness how a family is being purged by an evil-doer. We then are told “18 Years Later–2 Days before the Purge”, as we get to know US Senator Roan, the sole survivor of the family massacre 18 years ago, and now campaigning to end the Purge. That is not to the liking of the ruling NFFA, a white supremacist-trending party. With Roan just 1 point behind in the polls, the NFFA decides that Roan must be ‘taken care of’ in the upcoming Purge. In a separate story line, we get to know Joe, owner of Joe’s Deli, who confronts some teenage women trying to shoplift candy. We’re 10-15 minutes into the movie at that point, but to tell you more would spoil your viewing experience, you’ll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this is the third movie in the Purge franchise, again written and directed by James DeMonaco. The sole returning character from the second movie is Barnes (played by Fred Grillo), who now has become the head of security and trusted right-hand man of Senator Roan (played by Elizabeth Mitchell, still best known for her role in the TV series Lost). While DeMonaco cleverly picks up on certain undercurrents in the political scene as we know it today, as well as mixes in other current themes (the use of drones), the movie takes a dangerous turn by playing up the racial card to the max, with the NFFA clearly patterned after the South African ANC’s Apartheid regime. Political considerations aside, the movie does a good job of raising the tensions but for me the movie is also too predictable and frankly a bit too long.

“The Purge: Election Year” opened wide this weekend (to coincide with July 4, of course). The Saturday evening screening where I saw this at here in Cincinnati was PACKED, and close to a sell-out. Seemed like the audience was enjoying the movie, hollering and hooting at all the bright moments. I sorta enjoyed the movie, although something bothered me about playing up the political and racial undertones. As a social experiment, the idea itself of an annual ‘approved’ purge, remains fascinating to check, although I believe that if the Purge franchise is to go on, some new ideas are badly needed. Bottom line: this is till worth checking out if you liked the first two Purge movie. If you are new to this franchise, I’d still recommend the first one as the standard bearer of this franchise.
White men are stereotyped to a new level. The hero is a white blonde who cares about “poor people” and uses terms like “over represented”. More poor people are heroes talk. A room full of rich people say that they need to stop the poor from destroying them- all white men, no one Jewish, no one black, no one middle eastern- just those evil white men.

A room of black people acting like stereotypes, one black guy saying “I only care about waffles and p***y”, a sensitive hispanic guy who loves the liberal blonde woman, looks like he will cry at the TV showing the blonde liberal. I wonder if blacks will get offended by this, but judging by the black directed comedies that have come out recently, I doubt it. this is seen as “endearing”.

Since whites in the US have been stereotyped from the first second, they had to fly in some Germans to stereotype europeans as well. Blacks are peaceful, whites from anywhere are murder crazed…great messages.

I think the only people not stereotyped by this movie are Jews, Asians, and native Americans. I would hope that no one would support this movie and its racial hatred towards whites. Facebook and youtube are now shutting down channels critical of the liberally correct hatred of whites and other type of liberal hatred, i.e. feminism’s hatred of men. Now mass murdering whites is encouraged, cause their all rich right?!

The purge: Election Year Srt Sub Subtitle Download

With all immunities revoked everyone becomes game on Purge night and a bodyguard must protect his boss to help end the Purge one and for all.

Whereas the first instalment was very much confined to one location and its sequel The Purge: Anarchy had wider city scope, in this third instalment it goes further in scale story wise, touching on the politics involved. Interestingly it also touches on tourist visiting to take part in the Purge.

Elizabeth Mitchell (of TV’s V) is perfectly cast as senator Roan who is campaigning for the Presidency and intending to end the Purge. Not only does she look the part,she is a convincing actor. While were not given any great further insight into actor Frank Grillo’s returning Leo Barnes he gives a great physical performance as Roan’s security head. Director/writer James DeMonaco offers some hard hitting violence and action, there’s a good setup where the senator is betrayed and they have to make their escape.

As a shop owner and his co-worker thwart an attack from the local female yobs who are lit up in fairy lights touting guns and disc cutters, they then help the senator and Barnes. DeMonaco injects some good character interaction and dialogue, with the on location feel adding to the city realism. Actor Betty Gabriel’s Laney Rucker is memorable as she goes about helping both groups. Later after the senator is kidnapped – to be sacrificed at midnight Purge mass, Rucker and her anti-Purge team assist Barnes in a violent rescue attempt.

DeMonaco’s third instalment has plenty of night-time atmosphere akin to Anarchy’s feel but even with the higher stakes, chaos, murder and haunting images on display it doesn’t feel to have as much tension as the second outing. The ending while satisfyingly finishing of the trilogy does leave it open for future films with pro-Purge unrest.

Nevertheless, it’s a solid entry, if you enjoyed the first and second this will meet expectations.
Here we all are with yet another year of purging; The Purge: Election Year, or just The Purge 3 is a film that finds itself in assumption for the worse, but has actually managed to stabilize itself into it’s third year, keeping solid, as well as keeping The Purge franchise followers happy.

So knowing that the first film was pretty good, leading to the second that actually managed ( In my opinion ) to rise itself a bit higher.. this was exciting news to know another installment was coming, and here we are; This film was interesting as a whole. The film now takes upon the more deeper insight of the entire ordeal, the political standpoint on the entirety of the purge itself, and how it can be used to surpass wants. At the same time, the film, like the others in a way succeeds in bringing the audience into an adventure that revolves around the characters / protagonists as they are forced through the horrifying events that follow the entirety of the purge. With all of that being said, this film as a whole was intriguing. It had a pretty good villain to hero – type of plot going for it, and that stood out well for the entire film. We, the audience are overall sitting intrigued, unable to look away as we’re greeted with surprises on every corner, challenge after challenge, and overall ordeal of action that strikes fear to those watching. The scenes of action were intense, and thrilling. Whenever such actions take place, we suddenly find ourselves watching an all out battle, wondering if anything drastic toward our main characters shall happen as we sit, intrigued; It was absolutely awesome, as well to see such events take place, and to see the film succeed in such levels, and portrayals of intensity and action. Aside from all that, on the other hand, this film seemed to take an even more interesting turn toward it’s horror side of things. Throughout the film there we’re greeted with a rather eerie, impending – doom type feeling; Of course, such vibes and such were given off in the other two films, but this one seemed to crank the level up a bit on that note, introducing itself overall with it, leading to it’s success within it’s eerie atmosphere, visual eye candy, and just overall events that were executed. Overall on such note, the film cranked up its levels in this one, which of course was a very pleasant surprise, and an exciting aspect for Purge franchise followers. This film felt more intense, and eerie throughout the entire length of the film, the action scenes, as well as events were executed intriguingly, and smoothly. And the Purge blood, gore, and even jump scares as well were well themselves. Another element that was extremely eventful to watch through this horror trip were the characters. From the senator, to the NFFA organization, to the purgers’ themselves, it all stood out, and surprisingly enough lead itself into some pleasing twists, and turns. The main characters including The senator Charlie, the characters picked up throughout the film, Leo, and of course her overall competition / enemies each worked in unique ways, and all seemed to work with the story, and not just seem like a pointless character dropped off. It was extremely fun seeing characters such as Leo return, as well ( After being in the second film ) they had great roles, and truly executed their survival throughout simplistically. Overall, with all of our leading characters however, each had a heavy heart throughout the story, displaying their care for each other, how each of them connect, and look out for each other as a whole through the hellish ordeal; Sappy. Overall it was fun to see characters return, and watching them go through the twists, and turns of the overall purge was fun as well; The film succeeding in stabilizing their characters, keeping them from becoming boring, or worn out.

In conclusion, this was a fun watch. A third installment that’s assumed to suck – but ended up being just what the entire franchise needed. Fun characters, awesome portrayal of them as well, returns, unique personalities, as well as additions to the story that works. A turn – up within the topic of their gore, as well as shock value with how the kills are executed, not too much, but also not to little. And to top it all off, an interesting story that stays solid throughout, not seeming to give up with its twists, turns, and overall adventurous, yet at the same time eerie overall execution. The only real problem that stood with this film is the fact that it tends to drag on at times, the film became slow within the middle – to end parts; But every movie has it’s moment like such. I feel as if Purge franchise followers, and overall fans won’t be disappointed, instead pleased. This was a fun watch, I personally recommend experiencing it.

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